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Meet the Altar Media Team

Nice to meet you, we'reAltar Media.A small team with big heart.

Two Communities.

One Team.

What do Iowa and Oregon have in common? They both get mistaken for Ohio. Seriously though, you may be wondering how a business focused on serving local communities has ties to two states that are so far away. Well, strap in, we’ll tell you all about it. 

Erin and Nate started the business in the 2022 in their home state, Iowa. With years of experience in graphic design, photo, and video we decided to leave our stable (and boring) corporate jobs to venture out on our own. Six months later we made the smartest business decision ever (not really) and moved across the country to a town where we knew… basically no one.

A year later, that new town awarded us New Business of the Year and the place where we were once strangers now felt like home. During that year, we also decided that our friend Emma (who we met at the boring corporate job) should join our team and help us run the Iowa side of our business.

Now, we exist in two communities as one team serving businesses and organizations who have made it their mission to elevate their communities.


Altar Media is a Creative Agency that serves communities in Oregon and Iowa.

Meet the Team

Erin Ryden

Co-Founder | CEO

Nate Ryden

Co-Founder | Creative Director

Emma Chase

Partner | Marketing Director

Our Values

It’s important to work with a team whose values align with your own. Here are a few things are team is passionate about.

We love the communities we serve

For us, it’s about so much more than the work that we’re doing, it’s about the impact we can have on our community. That’s why we strive to partner with businesses who care about their customers and are invested in their local communities.

We approach life with a positive attitude

We strive to maintain a positive attitude toward our clients, coworkers, community and competitors. We believe we’re at our best when we’re championing those around us.

We strive to uncage our creativity

Our clients deserve our best. We’ve made it our mission to pursue growth and remain teachable so we can uncage our creativity and generate strategies and content our clients are proud of.